By S. C. Stokes

What would the world look like with a hint of magic?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I’m sure you have. I ask myself everyday. It’s one of the things that drives me to write as an author. It’s one of the reasons I love Urban Fantasy so much, a beautiful intersection between our world and fantasy. 

Every author places the crossroads somewhere different. What if Napoleon were a wizard? Or the Great Fire of London was caused by an errant child struggling to control their gifts? What if a society of magical creatures existed, but simply hid themselves from our attention? Blending into the mundane around us, pretending for our sakes that the world is as we suppose.

This is where I decided to set my own Urban Fantasy series. New York City in the year 2017. The World of Magic exists in secret, hiding themselves from society at large for fear of how humanity would respond. History is rife with purges and inquisitions, their fears are well justified, but the ever-increasing presence of technology is making it more difficult to explain the arcane away. 

Amid this melting pot of the magical and the mundane, Kasey Chase is a coroner and uses her gifts to solve crime in the city that never sleeps. You see, Kasey is a witch, and has been gifted (or afflicted, as the case might be) with visions of the future, and they aren’t bright. The city is living on borrowed time, and as New York’s elite begin dropping like flies, she’ll need to unravel the mystery of their deaths if she is to stand any chance of stopping what is to come.

The series begins with A Date With Death (releasing as part of the Darkness Rising box set).

Here’s a little taste:

Whoever said blood is thicker than water hasn’t met the Harrington family.

New York royalty, the Harrington family are old money with magic coursing through their entitled veins, and the only thing the Harringtons care less about than each other…is the law.

When Lester dies unexpectedly, his considerable estate is set to pass to his surviving heirs. But the coroner, Kasey Chase, has ruled Lester’s death a homicide, sparking a family feud that sees the Harrington heirs turn on each other in a lethal struggle where the only prize for second place is death.

With unlimited resources and a callous disregard for human life, the Harrington’s have to be stopped before the city pays the price for their petty war.

Caught in the middle, Kasey is left fighting for her life. Fortunately, she’s been hiding a secret of her own.

Kasey is a witch.

I look forward to sharing it with you on the 14th of April. Until then, 

Happy Reading!

S.C. Stokes