By Maya Daniels

Why the Samurai Way, you ask. Why not? It gives sass a hint of honor from that lifestyle, like honor among thieves and it is always followed because it’s an unspoken rule. 

Those of you that have read anything by me know that I encourage sass. The time of timid damsels in distress is past, or maybe better suited for historical fiction. Today’s women are strong, outspoken, and know what they want. We wear those things as shields to protect us from our emotional states. But these are the types of women we love to read about, too. 

More and more readers (I’m one of those too) look for strong-female leads. The ladies that kick ass and take names. I love reading about them, but I love bringing them to life, too. Yet, there is a fine line. The one that when crossed turns a sassy, fun-to-read heroine into an obnoxious brat who makes you wonder where it all went wrong. 

I’m treading the fine line, teetering on the edge by allowing the ladies to be vulnerable. It takes a very strong person to show vulnerability, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s what makes us human, helps us relate to each other, and turns a character from just a name to someone you start to care about. It allows you to really see them.

If you are wondering why I’m telling you all this, well that’s because by reading stories, you actually connect with the author on a deeper level than you think. The characters we bring to life are part of us. It’ll be difficult to create them if we can’t relate to them in some way. We basically give you a window into our soul, and it’s nicely cocooned in fantasy and magic, but a powerful connection nonetheless. It’s the best part of being an author, and I feel grateful to share a part of myself with you with each story I write.

So be you. Roar loud and proud, but keep that balance in mind. Sass is a lot more powerful when guided with a gentle hand. Keep your heart soft and your tongue as sharp as a blade. Sass the Samurai Way. Because you are worth it. And thank you for sharing a piece of my soul. 

Happy reading, rebels.

Maya xxx