By Tiffany Ransier

Valentine’s Day is coming up. For some people it’s a great day to spend with their partner, but for others it can be a bummer. I’ve had a valentine for the last eight years, but if I didn’t, I know exactly what I’d be doing. Cuddling up at home with a good book with an epic love story inside. 

What comes to mind when you think of one? I’m constantly finding books with epic ones, but these five will always stay with me. 

I was around fourteen when I read the 1-800-where-r-u series by Meg Cabot. The main character, Jess, was everything I’m not. Sarcastic, funny, but more than that, she didn’t need to impress anyone. She had her best friend Ruth and did whatever she wanted. Socked a bully right in the mouth and was happy to go to detention for it. After she gets hit by lightning, she receives psychic powers that give her the ability to find missing children. She’s mostly doing it alone, until a guy from her school, Rob, kind of a bad boy (swoon), but not really, helps her. He happens to drive a motorcycle (Jess’ obsession through the series). At first they’re just friends and he’s only helping her out, but with every book her searches for the missing kids become more dangerous and Rob is right there by her side to make sure she gets out of it alive. The fifth book in the series is a departure from the first four because it’s years after the first four, Jess is an adult. Jess and Rob are NOT together because of something that happens in between book four and five. You should’ve seen my face when I read that part! But he gets involved again, and through a series of events (that make the fifth one my favorite out of the series) they find themselves drawn back to each other in a big way. Jess and Rob forever! If you haven’t read that one, you have to read that series. 

The first time I read the Comanche series, I was around sixteen. I stole it from my mother’s bookcase because I wasn’t allowed to read it. (I did that a lot) This one was a lot different from anything I’ve read before. A Native American historical romance. The first couple is what hooked me in. Going into it, I never expected to love Hunter of the Wolf and Loretta. Loretta lived with her aunt, uncle, and cousin on a farm. Her parents had previously died from a Native American attack on their land. That event traumatized her so much she lost the ability to speak. Her aunt understood, but her uncle was always cruel (and honestly creepy) toward her. She wasn’t happy on the farm as much as she wished she could be. So, one day, Hunter comes and takes her away. It takes a long time to understand each other. Through different events, Hunter realizes he can’t force Loretta to be with him. And Loretta realizes that she can’t hold what happened to her family against him. They fight their own people to be with each other. I can read Comanche Moon over and over again. If you haven’t read it, check it out, and the three sequels about their family.  

The next two, I read around the same time, about four-five years ago. 

My very first mafia story. The Mafia and his Angel by Lylah James. If you haven’t read about Alessio, the Russian mafia boss, who falls in love with a girl hiding under his bed, Ayla, you need to. Ayla is on the run from her father, who gave her to her fiancé. Ayla is the daughter of the Italian mafia boss Alfredo. For reasons I don’t want to mention, Alessio hates the Italians. There are some triggers involved as parts of it are dark, but for the majority of the story, Alessio doesn’t know who Ayla is. Right as he finally opens up to her, to show her the world, that’s when he finds out. My heart stopped and I had to look away when he did. This book alone made me fall in love with mafia books, and I’ll never forget how Alessio and Ayla found each other. 

The next one, the Violet Eden series. I’ll admit, through most of the series there’s a love triangle, but form the beginning it’s clear that Lincoln and Violet belong together. If you like reading about angels, this one might be the one for you. Grigori (angel warriors) have partners. Violet’s partner is Lincoln. Violet doesn’t know what she is until she starts having dreams. Violet is special though. And that specialness keeps her in danger. Throughout it all, Lincoln is there to catch her. He might be the perfect hero. And while she isn’t always sure she wants him, he’s her constant. Lincoln and Violet fight save each other throughout the whole series, and their connection is for forever. 

The last one is a little mysterious, I can’t say too much. The prequel to my contribution to Darkness Rising (Love Bite) is coming out next month. You get two epic stories inside. Two vampires. Two wolf shifters. Inside the universe I’ve created in my book series, they’re the source of the divide between their species. Both couples depend on each other to survive in different ways. A famous vampire prince with a low class vampire. An omega that steals the daughter of his alpha. Sometimes, love is just meant to be, even if it’s with the most unlikely person. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about these epic love stories and you decide to check some of them out, including my upcoming release, Bite Me

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.